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Real-Time Operating Systems With VxWorks
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VxW - Version: 1
Real-Time Operating Systems With VxWorks
3 days course
This course is the most comprehensive course available on market on Real-Time Operating Systems. It covers both, analysis, architecture and design aspects regarding real-time application development, and a thorough description of an RTOS for best usage and utilization. It provides the student with tools for both vertical and horizontal understanding of real-time application development. Good utilization of the RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) may be vital for correct implementation of a Real-Time system. This course will prepare you for developing real-time applications using a Real-Time Operating System, and understanding its internals and behavior, with regarding the highly used VxWorks RTOS. The course labs will be executed on a simulated environment of VxWorks. An operating system is the foundation upon which most modern applications are built. The growing industry of Real-Time/Embedded systems introduces a growing need for good Real-Time operating systems, to supply an easily-applicable, well-built, reliable, development environment to achieve the needed functionality with the proper support for timeliness constraints. - Thus the growing need for programmers well familiar with RTOS.
This course is intended for students / programmers / software engineers, who have basic knowledge of Embedded/Real-Time systems development, and basic knowledge of operating systems. Experience in the ā€œCā€ programming language is a pre-requisite as well.
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