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Real-Time Operating Systems With VxWorks
Design of Distributed and Multi-Core Systems & Software
Linux Embedded/RT and Drivers
Introduction to Real-Time Operating Systems
RTOS Architecture and Effective C
Debugging Real-Time Software
Architectural Design of Real-Time Software
Design of High Availability Systems & Software
Embedded Linux Basics
Design of Device Drivers for Embedded Systems
Embedded Solutions For Windows XP Embedded
Safety Critical & High Availability Systems
Real-Time Design Patterns
Real-Time Essentials
Effective C++ in RT/Embedded Systems
Design of Safety-Critical Systems & Software
Real-Time UML
Software Security for Embedded
Testing of Embedded Software
LXE1 - Version: 1
Embedded Linux Basics
3 days course
The course introduces the participant to Linux Embedded OS. The course focuses on the OS structure. We will see the development environment and Tools the difference between kernel and user space, and embedded considerations. Linux system calls and library functions, how to use them, and their underlying mechanisms are introduced. The course deals with many facets of the Linux operating system, including: Linux kernel structure, I/O, Signals, Processes, Threads, and IPC.
The course is for programmers, software designers, and project managers
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