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Win Programming
Windows Internals for Developers
Developing Win32/64 Concurrent Applications Targeting Multi-Core
Windows Driver Foundation: KMDF Device Driver Development Course 1 – Basics
Windows XP / W2K3 WDM Device Driver Development - Basic
Windows XP/W2K3 Server WDM Device Driver Development - Advanced (Plug'n'Play, Power Management and WMI)
Developing Windows 64 High-Performance Concurrent Applications
Windows Internals
NDIS 5 Windows-Network-Driver-Development
Advanced WPF
Win32_64_Con - Version: 2
Developing Windows Concurrent Applications
4 days course
Writing concurrent applications is no longer a "luxury" reserved to high-end server developers. Client applications need concurrency to maintain responsive user interfaces, server applications need concurrency to utilize hardware resources, and everyone needs concurrency to properly mix I/O requests with CPU processing. In this four day course you will learn how to develop concurrent applications that use multiple threads, thread pool work items, or high-level tasks for better throughput and responsiveness on multicore hardware.
Windows developers, team leaders, and architects with at least two years of experience programming Win32 applications in C++.
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