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Test Driven Development with .NET
3 days course
Bring your development team up to par with some of the most productive and successful software development teams in the world. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and that BBC have already realized the potential that lies in Test Driven Development. It’s time you do the same for your team. Use TDD techniques to reduce the amount of bugs in your software, make your developers more productive and your software more stable. 1. This course is very technical and includes extensive hands-on practice. However, the real world is always more complex than the course examples, and therefore it is strongly recommended to add two additional consulting days for guided practice on the your own code base, and an ongoing periodic accompaniment. 2. Typically the tools used in this course are MSTest and FakeItEasy, but we can use any testing framework for .net of your choice (e.g. NUnit, xUnit.Net) and any mocking framework (e.g. Moq, NSubstitue, etc.)
This course is intended for Developers, architects and team leaders
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