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C++, OO, UML
Boost C++
Object Orient Introduction
Advanced C Programming
Object Oriented Programming in C++
Advanced Object-Oriented Software Development using ACE
C Programming
Object Oriented Analysis / Design using UML
C++\CLI programming in the .NET environment
Design Patterns in C++
Post Modern C++
Effective C++ in RT/Embedded Systems
Post Modern C++ 2
Test Driven Development for C++ Developers
C++ Debugging
Clean Code Workshop
Modern C++
CPPDbg - Version: 3
C++ Debugging
3 days course
In this three-day instructor-led course, you will learn how to debug C++ applications in development and production. Numerous extensive demonstrations and hands-on labs ensure that you will be able to apply the skills learned to your own applications and systems.
Experienced C++ developers with Win32 programming experience and understanding of fundamental OS concepts.
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