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Vipul Kocher17-18 November, 2014

CMAP© Mobile App Testing - Foundation Level

Seminar Description:

This course is aimed at professionals in the area of software quality and software testing, preferably on the level of ISTQB® Certified Tester - Foundation Level or with 2 years of experience in software testing. It is a hands-on course that will give its participants an excellent introduction and understanding of the topic through use of a large variety of exercises and examples. This course focusses on tests specific to mobile applications as opposed to generic testing principles and techniques.  It is a two day course which requires participants to bring their own laptops (Windows or Mac) and preferably android devices for learning mobile app testing using devices and emulators/simulators. After the course one can go for CMAP© Mobile App Testing - Foundation Level certification.

PCs shall be provided in class, but if you bring your own laptops –
Installation requirements (laptop):
Machine running Windows XP or 7 OS(preferably) OR Mac (OSX 10.5.8 or later) 
4 GB or more of RAM
Installation of some software required (detailed instructions will be provided)

  1. Android SDK
  2. Monkeytalk tool
  3. Monkeytalk demo emulator

(optional but recommended) - Any android phone for testing applications 
You may bring your laptops, and install on them.

Learning Objectives
* assist in adaptation of existing testing processes for testing of mobile applications
* support the requirements team in review of mobile application
* adapt existing testing experience and knowledge and existing way of testing web and other applications to mobile testing including user expectations
* identify and apply appropriate methods for testing of characteristics unique to mobile technology
* apply appropriate techniques for testing in a mobile application project
* identify and use appropriate tools to assist in mobile application testing including emulators/simulators
* assist the mobile application team in identifying potential test automation activities and corresponding tools
* improve user experience with a strong understanding of usability
* have the ability to identify and apply appropriate methods of testing including proper usage of tools, unique to mobile technology
* assist in identification of requirements of a test lab for carrying out mobile application testing


Course Outline

            1          Course Introduction
            2          Overview of Mobile World
            2.1       Introducing the Mobile World
            2.2       Business Models in Mobile Space
            2.3       Overview of Mobile Devices
            2.4       Different Types of Mobile Applications
            2.5       Mobile Application Architecture
            2.6       Development Platforms for Mobile Applications 
            3          Mobile Application Test Types
            3.1       Challenges in Mobile Application Testing
            3.2       Emulators and Simulators
            3.3       Differences in Mobile & Conventional Application Testing
            3.4       Mobile Testing Types 
Day 2
            4          Mobile Application Testing Process & Techniques
            4.1       Mobile Application Test Process and Strategy
            4.2       Experience Based Testing 
            5          Tools and Automation 
            5.1       Automation Approaches
            5.2       Automation Solutions
            5.3       Automation Process
            5.4       Exploring Mobile Automation Tools
            5.5       Test Environment & Test Lab 
            6          Mock Exam

Day 2 the session ends at 3.00PM and then you shall have 1  hours of Mock exam, followed by a break and then you may choose to sit the 1 hour official exam.
The exam is optional, of course, and requires separate registration.

Course Schedule
Day 1, 17 November – 9 A.M. To 5.30 P.M. 

Day 2 , 18 November – 9 A.M. To 12.30 P.M. 
Day 2 , 18 November – 12.30 P.M. To 1.30 P.M – Lunch
Day 2 , 18 November – 1.30 P.M. To 3.00 P.M. 
Day 2 , 18 November – 3.00 P.M. To 4.00 P.M. - Mock Exam and debrief [optional]
Day 2 , 18 November – 5.00 P.M. To 6.00 P.M. – Exam [optional]

Vipul is a co-founder of SALT and Verity software and President of Indian Testing Board, the ISTQB board for India. Prior to that he co-founded and ran PureTesting, a very successful testing services company. He has over 19 years of testing experience including managing Adobe Reader testing.

He has worked for a number of reputed companies such as Adobe Systems, Aplion Networks and River Run Software Group. He has managed testing for various award-winning products such as Adobe Reader for multiple platforms, routers and network management products, mail and database access products for mobile devices and desktops amongst others.

He has won several awards including the best paper award at STAREast 2006 and the Logica CMG Triple Star Award for the most original contribution at EuroStar 2005. He has been a Keynote speaker at many testing conferences in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia-New Zealand. He has been a contributor to the ISTQB FL and AL syllabi as well.

Vipul invented Q-Patterns, a method of capturing testing knowledge and writing reusable test cases. This method is being used by various organizations across the world. He is also the inventor of extension to Noun-and-Verb technique for creation of large number of tests from minimal documentation in shortest time possible.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from IIT, Delhi.