Software labs

Sela Technology Center offers a unique service – "Software Labs".
The software labs are a jump-start for new technology, one that your organization has not been practicing before.
All this alongside significantly reducing technologic and organizational risks and thus reducing expenses in the overall project.
The labs may take place at your site or at Sela's offices.
The main outcomes of the lab are:

  • kernel knowledge of the new technology for your participating development team.
  • Creation of an evolutionary prototype as an applicative and technologic infrastructure for the project.
  • Control over the project's requirements, as well as super-design of the project.
  • Minimizing technological risks in the project.
  • Shortening your "Time to Market".
  • Established TCO estimation for the project.

Sela offers labs in different flavors. Selecting the appropriate flavor of a lab is subject to the current state of the organization and the various emphasis needed.
The following labs are offered:

  • Decision making Lab: Focus on enriching the knowledge of the development team for making the right technologic decisions before starting a development project.
  • Feasibility Lab: Focus on developing a pilot project (or more then one) for technological risk checking and presentation of suitable software solutions.
  • Acceleration Lab: Focus on the development of application infrastructure and determination of the architecture for the complete project.


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