Sela Technology Center is active since 1990 and is a member of the Sela group (publicly traded since the year 2000 TASE:SLA). Having more than 16 years of experience Sela Technology Center has proved to be Israel's leading knowledge center for the IT industry and its long-term financial stabilities. Sela Technology Center has gained extensive experience in fixed price projects, architecture design and development of complexes. Microsoft Solutions and .NET tools specifically are the strategic technological Services of Sela Technology Center and most of our resources are focused on these directions. We have opened .NET courses dedicated to our developers, in order to strength our forces to these purposes.

Sela Technology Center Added Values:

  • Sela Technology Center has a proved practical experience and high skills in leading and deploying software projects in new state of the art technologies.
  • Sela Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Sela Technology Center has full cooperation and backup from Microsoft if and when necessary.
  • The synergy between Sela Technology Center and Sela groups training center.

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