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Application Security is not an easy issue.
It is not a feature that you can just turn on.
We know that and we can help.


Application Security demands executive commitment.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Application Security.

People do not want to think about pessimistic scenario in which they are attacked, and thus they do want to invest money in it.

We know that and we can help.


Application Security Costs.

If it is not put under strict control it can demand endless financial resources.

It is possible to control the budget, but you must work under a proven methodology. 

We know that and we can help.


Application security is a great technological challenge.

There are a lot of technologies in the game.

Every technology has its own vision of security.

There must be an overall vision.

There is no one technology that solves everything.

Each technology solves a particular problem.

You need scalability, usability and inter-operability.

We know that and we can help.


Our mission is to help you with the application security challenge while giving you the relevant knowledge.

Our Experts will guide you through the process of integrating Application Security in your application.

In parallel our trainers will guide your people to make sure that application security will be easy and efficient as possible in your next project.

We believe in knowledge distribution because we believe in the best solution for you.


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