IDCC - הקלטות הכנס הישראלי של קהילת מפתחי התוכנה – 2009

Reliability, Availability, and Scalability – How to have your cake, and eat it too
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Architects love the word "scalability". We talk about transactions per second and page views per day and on and on.

Of course, none of that scalability means anything if the system is down or if data gets lost or corrupted. Finding the right balance between reliability, availability, and scalability for the various parts of a system is critical to avoid unnecessarily costly solutions. This presentation will show a set of patterns that strikes this balance, their connection to supporting technologies, and their applicability across many enterprise domains.

You can have it all.

Dive into the Internals of Windows
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Do you really know how things work? What happen when you make a system call? What is going inside? In this lecture we will dive into the kernel of the Windows Operating System family. We will see the architecture of the system and understand the role of each Executive and Kernel component. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to understand the system behavior and write much better code. About the lecturer: Alon Fliess is the CTO of Sela and a C++ MVP. For years Alon delivers the Windows Internal class at Sela.

Building Scalable Systems
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We aren't building single user systems anymore. If fact, we are building systems that needs to handle hundreds of thousands or millions of users. The methods that we used to build low scalability applications are not applicable when we want our applications to scale. In this session, we will talk about scalability hinderances, designing for scalability and look into some of the constraints that building scalable systems place on us.

Do it right - Building a Complete Site with ASP.NET MVC FW
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Building web sites can be an easy task, but building a Good web site is a whole different story unless you use ASP.NET MVC. In this session we'll step into the world of building web applications with the new ASP.NET MVC framework, and build one from the ground up. We'll use layers, routing, ajax, security,TDD and much more.. To do it - the right way !

Patterns of a successful application
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In this session will introduce several important patterns that all together build up a successful client side application. Patterns : 1. IoC and Dependency Injection 2. MVVM (for WPF / Silverlight) 3. Extensibility and composition using MEF 4. Communication using Events aggregations (Prism)

ASP.NET 4.0 Deep Dive
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ASP.NET 4.0 Future bits are already here and you should know all about it. This is a must session for developers and architects doing web development (html,aspx or cloud based) as it will save you plenty of time understanding what’s already here, what’s coming and what you should(or shouldn’t) do to be prepared. On the agenda: Enhancements in ASP.NET Core, WebForms Enhancments, ASP.NET Ajax enhancements, MVC & Dynamic Data goodies, VS 2010 and IIS 7.5.

Beautiful teams and code leaders
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In this talk we'll explore some techniques, tactics and strategies for building, maintaining and driving a better software team and the people behind it. what does it take to lead people, to drive them? what does it mean to be in a constant state of productivity? how do you create a super effective and creative team,even if you don't have an all-star team to begin with? what tools, best practices and techniques can and should a team use to deliver great software? from automated builds to managing people - we'll try to cover some hard lessons, in a fun way.

.NET Application Performance: Best Practices and Tales from the Field
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Writing high-performance applications begins in the architecture and design phase, but quite as important are the best practices of memory management, resource allocation, working with unsafe code and other tricks that make all the difference. Armed with tales from the field, Sasha Goldshtein will show you how these practices affect application performance, how application performance can be measured, and how common performance problems can be diagnosed and resolved.

What's new in C# 4.0
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C# 4.0 has given us, developers, many new features in the language, which can help us to write the code in a simple and efficient way. Today's lecture will give you the knowledge in C# 4.0 new features, the "behind the scene" understanding of what happens whan we're using those features, and how we can broaden the capabilities of those features.

Building a Testing Eco-system - Not Just UnitTests
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So UnitTests are important. You have to write them. Let's move on.
But ask yourself, even if you have your code coverage at 100% - do YOU feel confident about your application's customer readiness?
We'll talk a little about how to approach creating a sustainable test eco-system for your project, using regression tests; database tests; random tests; UI tests; integration tests; feature or behaviour tests; deployment tests; CI basics; and how to use the QA to your advantage, and not just make them your punching bag.

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