• Over 50 turnkey projects
  • Summing up to over 80 man years. 
  • Support of more than 300 projects
  • Summing up to over 500 man years.
  • Managed Offshore solutions in:
    - Russia
    - Singapore
    - India
  • Flexible & Agile

    Our ability to perform high level projects results from the technology perspicacity and a lot of experience of our software engineering developer leading team.

      The integration between our expertise and experience in management, leading and implementing projects on one hand and understanding of the customer and his domain on the other hand, results in the privilege integration.

      Sela has the knowledge and experiencing with development of projects of various types:

      • Distributed N-Tier system, information oriented and communication base.
      • Migration of existing applications into a new framework.
      • Transformation (full or part) of systems from Unix and Linux environment to the .NET platform and vice versa.
      • Developing an evolutionary prototype as an applicative and technologic infrastructure as a start-up for a development project.
      • Military and civil domains

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